The 4.5 acre publicly accessible Botanical Gardens celebrate the diversity of the native Southern California environment
The nine distinct gardens will be sustainably irrigated using greywater or captured water
1 mile of pathways will loop through the publicly accessible Botanical Gardens
View of the Botanical Gardens’ Succulent Garden
Gardens and buildings merge into a single landscape
Pathway through the California Collection Botanical Gardens
A moment in the Oaks/Sycamore & Tropical Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens will be purpose driven. Beyond its natural beauty, the 4.5 acres of publicly accessible gardens will offer educational opportunities, environmental benefits and a sense of wellness for visitors. On Wilshire Boulevard, the 900-foot Palm Collection will also be home to a public Sculpture Garden. A mile of pathways featuring new vistas, tranquil water features and shaded seating areas takes you through nine distinct gardens to enjoy an immersive experience for the senses.

With three-quarters of the plantings being water-smart, the extensive greywater system will fulfill all the garden’s irrigation needs. The Botanical Gardens are designed for sustainability and reflect One Beverly Hills’ commitment to environmental responsibility and improved health.

A conservancy will oversee the Botanical Gardens. This diverse, community-based organization comprised of One Beverly Hills residents, school and community leaders, and representatives from the hotels will manage the gardens and the educational opportunities. Programming will include cross disciplinary exchanges with district school classes and docent-led tours. Primary funding for the maintenance of the gardens will be from the hotel owners and residential homeowner’s association.

2 miles of pathways will loop through the gardens; 1 mile in the private gardens and 1 mile in the public gardens