Botanical Gardens

Extraordinary Green Refuge

An essential aspect of One Beverly Hills setting it apart from all other developments is the commitment to melding health, sustainability and beauty in the ultimate urban-resort setting. This is sublimely manifested in its Botanical Gardens. Acclaimed landscape architect Mark Rios and design studio RIOS have created an extraordinary green refuge. Residents and guests will be able to walk out of their home or hotel and into an 8-acre curated encounter with nature.

Thirteen individual gardens unfold across the 8 acres.  A nearly 50,000 sq ft sculpture garden lines the frontage on Wilshire as part of the Palm Garden and more art is threaded throughout the grounds. Water features and sitting areas complete the park experience. With 2 miles of walking paths that take you through an immersive, sensory experience, a visit to the Botanical Gardens will never be the same twice.

Garden Sustainability

The Botanical Gardens will operate at the highest levels of sustainability. It begins with RIOS’ careful orchestration of the landscape. Over 75% of the Botanical Gardens will be water smart plantings of native and cultivated trees, plants and greenery. All irrigation for the grounds and water features will come from the project’s extensive greywater system. Moisture sensing technology and other innovations are brought together to create a shining example of achievable sustainability.

The scale of the gardens is substantial with over 40 tree and 250 plant species already selected from 13 regions of California. To further the sense of “having always been there,” the gardens will include mature trees of substantial height which have been reserved. When the Botanical Gardens open, the landscape will be thriving and full.